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Safe and Reliable Tree Removal Services

We use some of the safest methods to remove the trees.

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Professional Tree Removal Services in Thunder Bay

Master Tree Care is the top-rated tree removal service in Northwestern Ontario. #1 on Google, Yellow Pages, Kijiji, Facebook, and offers the best tree removal services in Thunder Bay.

Our equipment is the difference. Our amazing backyard tracked compact crawler man lift is only 36” wide, yet it reaches up to 100” high. This man lift is the biggest reason to hire us. It changes the way you cut trees. So much so that we are by far the safest tree removal guys in town. We can cut small, manageable pieces, always hands-on. There is no climbing, roping, slinging, swinging or just about every other dangerous move that you can think of involved.

Actually, it is hard to believe that none of our competition has this equipment! In fact, there are only a couple of lifts such as ours in all of Canada.

Tree removal is a very dangerous business. Last year, there were over 82 deaths in North America involving tree services without the proper equipment. However, there were no deaths with tree removal services provided using proper man lifts and equipment.

So your choice is simple – the best and safest equipment vs. the guy with no equipment. And before you decide, watch our video! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, our video is worth 10,000 words.

The video that we have uploaded was made for us by one of our very happy customers! At no charge to us! He was so impressed by our company that he wanted to share his experience with anyone that would listen desperately.

There is no other tree service in Thunder Bay that can do a better job of removing your dangerous trees than us. Or to do it more safely. Read our numerous reviews on Google or this web page. Five stars, five stars, five stars - these many customers cannot be wrong!

Beyond all that was just mentioned, we outperform the competition in all other areas. When you call us, we answer your call immediately. If we miss your call, we will return your call within minutes. We will be at your home the same day to give you a FREE ESTIMATE. If you give us the job, it will be done within a couple of days. Safe, fast and efficient with the best clean up in town.

If you are looking for safe, fast and professional services, then you should call us today for your free estimate.

Our Services

Tree removal
Dangerous tree removal
Emergency tree service

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Reviews: Over 700 Customers Cannot Be Wrong, Read Below


Challenging Tree Removal
“Their equipment can get at ANY tree. I'm a new homeowner who had a nightmare tree on my hands. I got five, high price-tag quotes from other local companies, along with nothing but foreboding doom and gloom about how expensive the job was going to be, how impossible the tree was to get at and yet how urgent it was... Allan and his team were the first to show any confidence about the job, ensuring that their crawler can get at any tree. They actually worked with me on a game plan rather than simply adding to my anxiety. They arrived when promised and made reasonably short work of a job other's deemed too challenging. They even cleaned every last log and twig from the yard, for a price that most would leave a mess for. If you have a challenging tree removal job, save yourself the money and stress of listening to the other cutters and get Master Tree Care to have a look. Thanks again, guys.”
-Ryan Novak - 17/10/2019




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